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No Regrets at all Brothers and sisters and Universal Energy friends! Another spring comes to us and today I want to share the lesson without regret. Before mentioning this lesson, I need to thank our Master for his journey that has left us with that regretless lesson. He was a great gift for humanity at healing tens of millions of poor people around the world, preaching to more than hundreds of countries a short, easy-to-learn, easy-to-understand method but achieving many good results for human health especially through the covid epidemic we have been completely protected by garlic herbs and if any 20th graders practice well the recipe soaked in warm porridge water will see even more clearly that our energy body is immune to strange viruses. I only write down a few lines to remind you that no matter how much busy of life turns, do not ignore the practice of simple recipes that bring high value to your health and family. I am healthy and happy that I have helped billions of cells on my body learn and evolution through all practice in lessons. Humanity in us doesn't need to say what's high. Let's practice the lessons so that we don't need to regret not having done something. I personally regret not sharing timely with the world about our methods and herbs in time for more people to be protected from the Covid pandemic. But there must be some reasons why we're so overwhelmed. Most likely after the Vaccine prevents epidemics for everyone and then humans will face new viruses, absolutely we do not want this. So starting in spring 2021, let's pray to God — our Master helps everyone everywhere to be protected by his energy flow. May our great family always be energetic and healthy. I will regularly send lessons on this website. Cordiality Autumn
Minim velit, ex velit culpa sed sint ad fugiat, nostrud nulla consequat ipsum ex: Eiusmod veniam culpa. Amet ut dolor. The Open International University for Complementary Medicine Colombo Affiliated UNIVERSAL ENERGY INSTITUT (Unlimited Universe) ANNOUNCEMENT OF LEVEL 16 Dear Universal Energy world wide students ! The Center in Berlin – Germany will guide online level 16 via internet. Please follow the details in the following table Note: Students read and take contact notes to be enrolled In Germany live : +4915787635198 In Vietnam directly : +84943426719
Class level
Berlin broadcasts
Online by computer or smart phone
4 hours max