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This is an innovative program with more potential, ability and efficiency.
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Next courses are available in English, German and Vietnamese. Please contact our Chief of Europe Thanh Winter-Luong for registration. Please pay before the course starts!
UNIVERSAL ENERGY PROGRAM We were born in the multifaceted world of all aspects of matter and spirit. Everyone understands that the resource to maintain and develop this world is energy. That is the main content of the Department of Universal Energy. The main purpose of the course is to supply all positive energies to the areas of life: health, spirit, material and spirituality etc and so on. The curriculum is divided into three periods from low to high. 1: Getting Started In this starting levels students will approach and practice to implement concepts and theories including healing techniques to let energy to balance the body and prevent strange diseases and unknown viruses. Gradually improve health and spirit. Level 1 includes the classes: Level 1-5. 2: Development At this stage all the potential which are hidden within the human being is aroused and developed depending on the amount of hard work in practicing the techniques and formulas that students will achieve adequate success. Positive indicators of brain’s ability, health parameters will be improved at a higher rate when the trainees exercise and practice regularly. This is the stage of absorbing higher energy and experiencing with high efficiency. Classes include: Level 6 – 13 3: Evolutionary This is the highest stage in the cosmic energy program. Theories of ancient east-west philosophy, the possibilities will be enhanced a step further. At this time, our whole body and brain will reach a very high level of cognition and the state of the body will be able to harmonize the frequencies in the aggregated one. Step by step we will realize the limitlessness of human possibilities and powers for life, in and out of the universe. Classes include: Level 14 - 20th grade.